"CITIZEN KOCH—a raging, angry, rip-roaring, filled-with-righteous-fury-and-indignation indictment of big money in the U.S. political process, and so far, the best documentary of the year".—Tim Sika, President of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle, KGO ABC Radio “ CITIZEN KOCH is a wonderfully realized documentary that provides essential must-know information in a smartly entertaining and entirely credible way. Congrats Tia Lessin and Carl Deal." –Jennifer Merin, Alliance of Women Film Journalists “Just back from a screening of " Citizen Koch." Frightening look at the reality of what Citizens United/the SCOTUS’ plutocrat wing wrought.” Joy Reid “You don’t have to be Michael Moore, Errol Morris, Werner Herzog or Morgan Spurlock to put across an intriguing non-fiction movie…If you fear the rightward turn of American politics and want to get more of a visceral look at how money shapes our country’s decision-making, you can’t go wrong by taking in “Citizen Koch.” – Harvey Karten, NY Film Critics Online

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